XYZ-Carve Instructions / steps / Install Gantry.
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Install Gantry.

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Notes Before you start:

  • You will need to remove the Y feet from Y rails at the front of the machine, in order to slide the gantry onto the Y Rails.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to set your V-Wheels at their widest point before sliding the Gantry onto the Y Rails. Rotate the eccentric nuts to adjust spacing between V-Wheels.
  • IMPORTANT: Adjust but do not over-tighten the V-Wheels after installing the gantry Carriage, tight enough to remove wobble in the X Carriage and no further. Over tightened V-Wheels will develop flat spots in just a few hours!
  • There is only a single spare V-wheel in the kit, should you over tighten and damage the wheels more can be ordered here.

       <=Assemble Gantry.      Drag Chain and Wiring=>