XYZ-Carve Instructions / steps / Assemble Gantry.
       <=Waste board.      Install Gantry.=>

Assemble Gantry.

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Notes Before you start:

  • Skip ahead momentarily to see why it might not be a bad idea to route the A motor wires while building the gantry
  • Take note of the position of the two T-Slots in the Wide Makerslide X axis before sliding on X Carriage.
    It's important that the T'slots are aligned as shown in the animation in relation to the X carriage as they are used to secure GT2 belt and mount a bolt to foul the X limit switch (both as shown below highlighted red).
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to set your V-Wheels at their widest point before sliding on the X Carriage! Use the eccentric nuts to adjust.
  • IMPORTANT: Adjust but do not over tighten the V-Wheels after installing the X Carriage, tight enough to remove wobble in the X Carriage and no further. Over tightened V-Wheels will develop flat spots in just a few hours!
  • There is a spare V-wheel in the kit, should you over tighten and damage the wheels more can be ordered here.

Gantry BOM:

Qty Part Image
1 Gantry Side Left Assembly
1 Gantry Side Right Assembly
1 XZ Assembly
1 Wide Makerslide X Axis
1 2040 Drag Chain Support Extrusion
1 Drag Chain Support Bracket 1
2 Drag Chain Support Bracket 2
1 Socket Head Cap Screw - M5x0.8 x 20
4 Socket Button Head Cap Screw - M5 x 0.8 x 8
4 Socket Button Head Cap Screw - M6 x 1 x 10
10 Socket Button Head Cap Screw - M5 x 0.8 x 12
2 Socket Button Head Cap Screw - M5 x 0.8 x 20
5 Tee Nuts Mix of Pre and Post Assembly
4 Socket Flat Countersunk Head Cap Screws - M4x10
2 Prevailing Torque Hex Nut - M4 x 0.7
4 Prevailing Torque Hex Nut - M5 x 0.8
1 Drag Chain End Female
1 Drag Chain End Male

       <=Waste board.      Install Gantry.=>