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Machine Configuration.

GRBL AIO Drivers

Depending on your operating system, you will most likely need to download and install a driver.
The GRBL-AIO requires USB Serial drivers to communicate with the system. It uses the Cypress CP2102 Chipset.

Please download and install the drivers appropriate for your operating system

G Code Streaming and Machine Control

  • Download UGS Platform
  • Unzip the file and copy the 'UGS platform' folder to your applications, program files, desktop directory - where ever you like to keep things.
  • Run UGS platform program
    • OSX/Linux you need to run the file named 'ugsplatform', located in the bin directory
    • Windows users run the file named 'ugsplatform.exe', also located in the bin directory

If you get an error complaining about Java, you may need to install the latest Java and then open UGS again.

OSX users may see a message about unknown developers, in which case opening 'OSX system preferences', Selecting 'Security and Privacy', and clicking 'open anyway' will enable access to the UGS program now and in the future without warning.

Connect to your machine

Select the port:
  • OSX Linux Users - paste or type /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART into the port drop down box as shown above
  • Windows Users, select the comm port that is associated with your machine.
    If you have more than one, disconnect the USB lead and hit the refresh button to see which one disappears, This is the one that was associated with the machine. Plug it back in, refresh again and select it
Select the Baud Rate:
Select 115200 as the Baud Rate, as shown below
Open The Connection:

Note, you may only have one connection to the machine open at a time. If your experimenting with Arduino, Serial Application, other senders, or programs like Chilipper or Easel - Make sure these are all closed before trying to connect via UGS
Confirm Connection
In the console at the bottom, you will see text including "Grbl 1.xx $ For Help as per image below." You will also notice that the machine comes online in an alarm state, this is expected and clicking the Unlock button in the top left will clear the alarm. Every time you connect to your machine you must either clear the alarm with Unlock or instead Home Machine - But dont use Home just yet!!!
Configure Machine Parameters
Before beginnig the setup wizard, we need to turn of the Hard Limits (limit switch functionality). Open Firmware settings using the 'Machine', 'Firmware Settings' Menu, as per below.

On the settings page, update parameter 21 ('Hard Limits Enable') to be 0, as per the image below. Save and Close.

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On the Machine Menu, Select Setup Wizard.
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More generic GRBL-AIO setup video

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