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Software Setup.

GRBL AIO Drivers

Depending on your operating system, you will most likely need to download and install a driver.
The GRBL-AIO requires USB Serial drivers to communicate with the system. It uses either the Cypress CP2102 Chipset or the FTDI Chipset .

Please download and install the drivers appropriate for your operating system

AIO Control Boards Up to V1.I CP2102 USB Drivers AIO Control Boards From V1.J on FTDI VCP Driver

Software Options

There are many software options for operating the CNC machine

The general workflow is CAD => CAM => Stream to CNC machine.

CAD: Computer aided Design

With your CAD software, you will design the object you want to create in 2D or 3D.
There are lots of options, some of which are: Its tempting to use Sketchup, or Inkscape thinking they might be easier intro into running your machine, in our view any time spent here is wasted as you will need more than these tools can offer you.

If you don't have a Vectric product, or other CAD / CAM System in mind, go ahead and download Autodesk Fusion 360

CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAM (for our purposes) in short is the process of applying tool path information to your CAD designs and generating G-Code which is the instructions you send to the CNC machine. G-Code(s) are basic text commands, so eventually you can write your own if so inclined.
There are lots of options, some of which are:

Our Pick for mechanical type parts is Autodesk Fusion 360, for artistic works and is Vectric Vcarve Pro.

As well as being a great full 3D Design environment, Autodesk Fusion 360 has integrated cam. With other non integrated cam packages, you need to export your design files, import them into the cam package, setup all your tool paths and... hope you won't need to change the original design or you have to start all over again. With integrated cam, change a part and the CAM adapts! If that doesn't excite you now, it will later.

The Vectric Desktop and VCarve Pro software is extremely powerful for artistic works and in comparison to other CAM options, is very simple to use.
It excels in producing quality 3D carvings and is very well documented and all round an excellent product.

Stream to CNC machine

The AIO requires a computer connected to it while operating the machine, and a light weight control software to run the machine and hand over the G-Code.

A super simple option for this is UGS (Universal Gcode Sender) a more advanced and pretty cool sender is chilipeppr

Read about some other options on the GRBL Git Hub Page.

Start downloading UGS now as we will use it for our setup

Alternate Workflows

In all of this we have ignored Easel. Many find it easy initially to use Inventible's Easel. Regardless of the brand or type of machine your using, if it runs GRBL you should be able to make use of Easel. Its actually a very handy way to setup your motor directions and homing cycles rather than tinkering with settings inside GRBL. Other than that though its far to basic to be of allot of use to you past this point. Users will outgrow it within a few jobs but thats ok its a nice easy way to start if so inclined.

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